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How does mobile speech therapy work?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

What is mobile speech therapy?

Mobile speech therapy is exactly what the name implies - speech therapy, but on the go! Many healthcare services are offered in a similar way. Remember when house-calls were standard practice for doctors? Instead of carrying a briefcase with a stethoscope though, mobile speech-language pathologists (SLPs) store their therapy equipment right in the vehicle. Toys, games, workbooks, cards, and more are all conveniently located at arm’s reach. As the client, all you need to bring is yourself! Once you decide on a meeting location, you simply show up and let the magic of therapy begin. No other type of therapy service provides this level of convenience and expertise. It’s the best of both worlds: a fully functioning speech clinic right in your local stomping grounds.

How is it different from traditional/other speech therapy services?

The biggest difference between mobile therapy and traditional brick-and-mortar locations is the flexibility. Had an unexpected change in the family schedule this week? No problem - we’ll find a meeting location that’s closer to your other obligations. Don’t want to be cooped up inside on a gorgeous Fall day? No problem - let’s grab a blanket and some lawn chairs and do therapy right outside the vehicle! Have you been meaning to check out these local parks/attractions but haven’t found the time? No problem - here’s your opportunity to give your child the therapy they need while enjoying the beauty of southeastern PA.

While mobile therapy is fun and flexible, it’s also functional. Conducting speech therapy out in “the real world” allows SLPs to really hone in on crucial communication skills your child will need for life. For example, therapy at a playground is perfect for a little one who struggles to introduce themselves to peers. Meeting at a local bakery is great for a teen who stutters and wants to practice their specialty donut order. Imagine all the speech sounds you can elicit at a petting zoo as you imitate animal noises! Working on communication skills in these environments makes carry-over and generalization so much easier. As cheesy as it sounds, mobile speech therapy really does put the “fun” in functional!

Things to think about when considering mobile speech therapy...

While a mobile clinic allows parents freedom to multitask during their child’s therapy time, it’s important for parents/caregivers to stay on the premises. Children must be able to stay on or near the Magic Speech Bus without risk of elopement. Parents and caregivers are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in their child’s treatment to learn the intervention strategies used. Being an active team member, collaborating on therapy goals, and learning how to coach your child at home are critical for making progress in therapy.

Weather is another consideration. The Magic Speech Bus has AC and heat to make a comfortable learning zone inside. During the winter, meeting spots need to be cleared of snow, ice, or debris from recent storms. In the case of severe or inclement weather, the Magic Speech Bus can meet at local libraries or other indoor locations. Telehealth options are also available as backup.

Who’s an ideal candidate for it?

If you’re a busy family looking for an effective therapy solution, mobile speech therapy is the answer for you. Children who enjoy play-based activities, exploring nature, and changing up the scenery are ideal candidates for mobile speech therapy. (Which if we’re being honest is pretty much every child!) Mobile speech therapy through the Magic Speech Bus is great for:

  • Anyone ages 0-21 (and beyond!)

  • Mild speech-language disorders

  • Medically-involved speech-language disorders

  • Starting treatment immediately

  • Parents who want to be involved in sessions

  • Addressing academic-related issues

  • Individualized (one-on-one) intervention

  • Year-round therapy

  • YOU!

Contact the Magic Speech Bus to get all your other questions answered, and let’s get things moving today!

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