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Treatment packages

The Magic Speech Bus uses client-centric approach to scheduling therapy – Treatment Packages.


Treatment Packages are designed to offer you greater flexibility, increased value, and a more tailored experience to support your child's unique journey towards their communication goals.

How do treatment packages work?

The Magic Speech Bus operates on a seasonal schedule as follows:


  • Winter: December-February

  • Spring: March-May

  • Summer: June-August

  • Fall: September-November


Treatment sessions are bundled into packages of 10 therapy sessions per season.  In addition to therapy sessions, a treatment package also includes:

  • A parent-SLP consult to discuss progress, concerns, and ways to improve speech & language beyond the therapy sessions

  • A written progress summary at the end of the season

  • Access to individualized resources in The Magic Speech Bus's exclusive resource library

Treatment package payments are made in monthly installments throughout the season.

  • Payment options include: credit, debit, HSA , FSA.

  • Some insurance companies provide partial or full reimbursement for out-of-network providers, for which you can be provided a seasonal superbill (receipt).

Evaluation packages

An initial evaluation identifies your child's communication strengths and needs. Treatment plans and goals are developed based on the results of the evaluation. 

Evaluation packages include:

  • Phone consultation to discuss concerns

  • Child history questionnaire

  • 1-2, in-person appointments for standardized assessment and clinical observation of skills

  • Comprehensive report and treatment plan

Evaluation packages are paid in full ($250) on the day of the in-person appointment.

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