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Common Questions

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How do I know if you're the right fit for me and my child?

If you’re looking for a therapy practice that listens to your concerns, cares about your family stories & events, and celebrates your child’s big wins with you, you’ll want to come aboard The Magic Speech Bus. We form strong bonds and friendships with every family we work with. We strive to provide truly individualized experiences for everyone, so you know you’re getting the best care for your unique child.

Incorporating nature-based speech therapy into our practice sets The Magic Speech Bus apart from other local clinics. SO MUCH of kids’ lives happen indoors - at home, in classrooms, in waiting rooms and exam/treatment rooms, stores and restaurants, etc. Research has shown the many benefits of regular time outdoors, and we love that our sessions can be a part of that.

How does mobile speech-language therapy work?

Mobile speech-language therapy is just like traditional therapy, but without the constraints of a brick-and-mortar office. The inside of The Magic Speech Bus feels like your typical therapy room - comfy bench seats, toys and games on the shelves, books aplenty. The difference is, we can pack up and go whenever and wherever we need! We have several predetermined spots in the area to meet. Sessions are typically conducted both inside the bus and out in the parks. The flexibility of mobile speech therapy is one reason many families prefer it over traditional in-person settings.

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Do you take insurance? What are my payment options?

The effectiveness of our treatment model relies on the therapeutic value of longer sessions and our outdoors-in-nature setting (typically not recognized by our current health insurance model in the U.S.). In order to provide this high-caliber care for our families, we do not bill insurance for our services and are not in-network with any health insurance. This allows us freedom to practice in optimal ways to serve your family, rather than being restricted to what insurance plans would approve. This often means your child will make faster progress and may be in services for a shorter period of time.

Some insurance companies provide partial or full reimbursement for out-of-network providers, for which you can be provided a monthly superbill (receipt).

Payment options include: credit, debit, FSA, HSA

What age group(s) do you serve?

The Magic Speech Bus is best suited for pediatric services (ages 0-12), but can accommodate any age! If you're young at heart and want a unique therapy experience, the Magic Speech Bus is the right place for you. Bus buddies should be able to stay nearby without risk of elopement, as sessions are often outside or in public spaces.

Do we need a set meeting place from week to week?

Preferably, sessions are held at the same place each week as agreed upon during the intake process. However, one of the great things about the Magic Speech Bus is its ability to be flexible! Meeting places can be changed to one of several predetermined locations at least 2 days prior to the scheduled session.

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