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speech & language therapy

a solution to communication frustration

Eastern Berks, PA

Does your child get frustrated or give up when they try to tell you what's on their mind?

Do you find yourself worrying about their speech development?

Are you looking for an effective therapy setting your child will actually want to come to?

The Magic Speech Bus

has arrived!

Get real-life, personalized speech therapy that addresses your child's challenges

Discover your child's communication strengths and learn to nurture their needs

Meet at a convenient, nature-based location... stay nearby to enjoy some quiet time alone, get work done, or play with your other kids!

At The Magic Speech Bus, we understand the frustration and worry parents feel when their child struggles to communicate.

We help children to

Articulate their thoughts clearly

Understand what they hear

Access individualized communication

Feel empowered by their voices

Connect with their friends and families

We offer individualized, one-on-one sessions in and around our mobile "office" - the Speech Bus. It's the perfect blend of effective treatment and play-based learning that your child will look forward to coming to!


How do we get started?


Start here - schedule a call to get your initial questions answered and find out if this is the right fit for you.


We'll take a deeper look at your child's communication skills & challenges to create a unique treatment plan.


As a team, we'll work together to set the therapy schedule and ensure your goals are met!

Treatment areas

All services are rendered by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).
Click each treatment area to read more

Specific sound errors and patterns of errors that are not corrected through typical development

Uncoordinated movement when making sounds; irregular and inconsistent sound errors; irregular speaking rhythm 

Recognizing neurodiversity and the individual's strengths while working with family & caretakers to address needs

Difficulties with or delayed onset of speech; limited expression; difficulty with word meaning and grammar

Pauses, repetitions, or filler words such as "um", "uh"; extra body movements such as blinking or tensing up when speaking

Concerns with short term memory, reasoning, judgment, multi-tasking, and organization which impact daily life 

Bus schedule

The Magic Speech Bus generally travels within a 20-mile radius of Boyertown

to meet at local parks, playgrounds, and community spaces.

Mondays & Wednesdays
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bus stops

A list of places to catch the Magic Speech Bus. New stops are occasionally added to the route!

Ideal location for those in Boyertown, Bechtelsville, Barto, and Bally. Family-friendly park with pavilions and shaded trails.

Convenient space for Wyomissing and Reading-area families looking to get some fresh air therapy.

Centralized location for all the kids' sports practices. Huge playground and great walking trails, too. Easily accessible from Gilbertsville, Limerick, and Pottsgrove.

There's plenty of space to spread out and get some privacy at the park adjacent to the middle school. A short distance from Amity, Birdsboro, and Exeter.


Meet Kristin

Speech-Language Pathologist behind the wheel of The Magic Speech Bus

Kristin has seen firsthand that being outside has a positive impact on a child's therapy experience. Her approach to therapy is to make it fun and engaging for her young clients, incorporating nature-based activities into her sessions whenever possible. Whether it's playing games in the park or exploring the woods, Kristin always finds creative ways to help children improve their speech and language skills. Her dedication and passion for her work have made her a favorite among children and their parents. Kristin truly believes that every child has the potential to communicate effectively, and she works tirelessly to help them reach their goals.

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